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' and he said, 'Because we're brothers, and I want to catch some sort of family thing that I can use so that it's obvious we are of the same family.' I was very impressed by that.

He was very, very good." "They highlighted my hair to match Robert's," explained Davison, "and over the next three years I would regularly be seen sitting in a high-end hairdressing salon in a fashionable part of London, with bits of tin foil covering my head." Davison missed twenty-five episodes in the second run of the series because of other acting commitments, including his role as Doctor Who; indeed Alison Lewis, who played Rosie Herriot in the final series, revealed: "I never met Peter Davison because I didn't have any scenes with him." "I'd miss the second half of season five because of A Very Peculiar Practice and series 6 I missed because I was doing Campion.

In the 1983 Christmas Special, Siegfried meets an old flame, Caroline Fisher, who has returned after living in America.

They later marry and have children, as mentioned in the series 7 episode "Hampered".

Bill Sellars had wanted to give the role to Timothy from the outset, but the powers that be wanted to cast the role.

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