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The program works because it holds the men accountable and helps them manage their triggers long after they have committed an offence, Feick says, adding some pedophiles he works with don’t want to reoffend because it would let their circle down.“We’re not here to let them make excuses or justify anything they’ve done; we recognize that there are some terrible things that they’ve done,” he says.“But there’s still hope for all of them.” PEDOPHILIA AND OFFENDINGNot all pedophiles offend, but researchers don’t know much about them because they don’t usually show up in clinics or the criminal justice system, says Dr.

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If you have any of these interests, or if you would just like to talk, feel free to message me. Pedophilia — defined as a psychological disorder in which an adult or older adolescent is sexually attracted to prepubescent children — is the interest; abusing a child or looking at child porn is the behaviour. He uses the example of a preteen boy who is sexually attracted to children, but when he is 17 and his friends’ sexual interests have aged with them, the teen realizes his attractions have not. Many people who use child pornography have never touched a child — and they sometimes justify using child porn as a less harmful outlet.Jared Clarke, a six-year member of the RCMP’s Internet Child Exploitation unit, doesn’t buy that argument.“Every time an image of that child is viewed, that child is re-victimized,” he says.“Every one of them is going to be released at some point, so it’s best to have some sort of way for them to reintegrate without reoffending,” he says.Feick is the co-ordinator of the Micah Mission, an organization that partners with local church members to offer restorative justice programs including Circles of Support and Accountability (Co SA).

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